Refrigerated vehicles but not only....

The history of SG Trazione sas, as we like to tell it started in 1958. This is the year that young newly-weds Giovanni Sandrolini and Franca Dallacasa opened a petrol station in Longiano (FC).


"The desire to do things properly" soon leads to many satisfied and loyal customers. In 1975, they decide to expand by opening a used truck business.

In 2010, SG Trazione sas is born. It's managed by Gianfranco Sandrolini under the supervision of his father Giovanni. The company is focused on the refrigerated vehicles sector. Geared to all those operators with the need to transport goods at a controlled temperature.


Expertise, being highly specialized, commercial rigour and the satisfaction of meeting the client's needs are the key pillars of our daily work.



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